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Hooked on Hookah

Silicone HMD Hookah Bowl

Silicone HMD Hookah Bowl

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The Silicone HMD Hookah Bowl is the ultimate heat management device. This HMD silicone phunnel bowl features heat resistant silicone that is flexible and can withstand high heat temperatures. It is designed to not let the shisha juices leak and keeps your tobacco moist.  without absorbing odors or staining, all while remaining easy to clean.
Its integrated charcoal plate is manufactured using high grade aluminum guaranteeing optimal and uniform heating of the shisha for longer lasting, better tasting hookah sessions
This silicone bowl heats up twice as fast and retains heat better than other bowls and uses significantly less charcoal.
Included with the bowl is a raised lid, allowing the use of any type of charcoal (flats, cubes, or self light charcoal).

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